Online Tutoring

No need to cancel class on this beautiful snowy day, I am set up to tutor with Google Hangouts, FaceTime or Skype through video chat.  If the roads are covered with snow and ice, or for many other reasons, it is so nice to have the flexibility to meet online. You can stay on track with your studies from the comfort and safety of your home and avoid time and cost associated with travel.

Maybe you are wondering what online tutoring looks like. It’s just like having class face-to-face, but we share documents through email or Google Docs. With video conferencing it is just as easy to practice pronunciation, listening, speaking and other aspects of language learning. You will be able to see me and I can model correct pronunciation and articulation.

You just need to have a phone or other device, internet access and the ability to get online through a web browser or app. If you need any assistance getting set up to use video conferencing programs, contact me and we can set up appointment to meet in person to practice and make sure you are all set for online tutoring.