English Language Learners
Do you need to practice conversation, reading, or writing? Do you need English for work? Or perhaps for conversation at the store, at a medical appointment, or with your neighbors?
Do you need to improve your basic computer skills? Learn to use e-mail, the internet, Microsoft Word, and more. Learn more about free online English language learning resources such as Mango Languages and USA Learns.

Are you preparing for the process to become a U.S. Citizen? Get help studying for the English reading, writing, speaking, and civics test.

English for the Workplace
  • English for Medical professionals: If you work in the medical field and would like to improve your ability to communicate with patients and colleagues, I can help! Together we can practice language for your workplace such as: pronunciation of medical vocabulary and scenarios regarding diagnosis, care, medication, procedures, etc.
  • English for Nail Stylists: Do you work in a nail salon? I can help you practice speaking to clients. I teach lessons specifically for nail stylists. Whether you need to learn vocabulary or practice pronunciation together we can help you learn to speak to clients with ease.

 Driver’s License

Are you language learner that is studying for the Washington State driver’s license knowledge test in English? Let’s study together. I can help you practice vocabulary and questions for the test
One-to-One Tutoring
Individual tutoring can be designed to meet your needs. What are your goals for learning English? 
Small Group Tutoring
Do you have a group of friends or family that would like to study together? Summer will meet with you to come up with group and individual learning plans and set up a small class to meet all of your needs.
Online Tutoring
Do you live outside of the Bellingham area? Work with Summer remotely using Zoom video conferencing for tutoring. 
Or if you live in the area, but have a busy schedule and it is hard to fit in tutoring, set up an independent study plan with Summer so you can study on your own at home when you have time. Email or call Summer with questions and she can respond with a combination of email and voice recordings to answer your questions and keep you on track with your studies.