Teaching classes at Bellingham Technical College

I have good news for the 2023-24 school year! This year I am working full time at Bellingham Technical College teaching English language classes for language learners. I teach two beginning English hybrid classes that meet in person and also have online homework on the Canvas platform. Students from Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala are currently enrolled. We use the Ventures 1 textbook and practice a lot of basic conversation. Units of study include Personal Information, At School, Friends and Family, Health and many other topics. I am really enjoying teaching from the Ventures book because it has excellent graphics and communicative activities. My favorite aspect of the book is that it has QR codes on every page that link to audio and video files. Students can quickly and easily practice at home if they miss class or need additional repetition to complement our studies in the classroom. I am looking forward to a wonderful year teaching.

If you know of any students who are interested in taking beginning, intermediate or advanced English Language Acquisition classes at BTC, contact our Transitional Studies staff at: Phone: 360.752.8494. Email:TS@btc.edu