Learn Language with Duolingo

Learn Language with Duolingo!

This summer I have been using the Duolingo app to learn basic German. It is fun and keeps me motivated to study every day. Duolingo is an online language learning program that can help you learn English or another language in a fun interactive way to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. It allows you to go at your own pace from the beginning level on up. Visuals and language support in your first language help you learn as you earn points in a game style program. For my purposes I have been using the free program that includes periodic advertisements, but for those who would like to practice without ads or at a more intensive level there is an optional subscription fee.

I love that Duolingo lets me learn right at my level and I can listen to the vocabulary words repeated as many times as I need to. It is also possible to repeat lessons until I feel confident or if I want to move more quickly, I can try to pass a quiz that allows me to jump ahead. As you earn points for completing lessons, you can unlock funny stories to practice. Lessons are organized by themes, so as a beginner I have completed lessons that focus on verbs, greetings, animals, clothing and other beginning level topics.

Duolingo is great for adults and kids. My children, who are both in elementary school, are using Duolingo to learn Spanish. They love it and are motivated to practice about 15 minutes a day and it is exciting to see their progress.

If you have any questions about using Duolingo to learn language, contact me to set up a meeting and I can give you an orientation and help you decide if this program is a good fit for you.

Visit Duolingo.com or the app store to start accessing the program from your device.